2021 Greater Cleveland Conference Girls Tennis Preview

Head Coach: Mark Merchant
Years at School: 5th year
Last Year: Finished 3rd in the GCC

Players to Watch:
Calista Bobula,1st Singles, Sr.
Sydney Estok, 2nd Singles, Jr.
Jessica Bisesar, Singles/Doubles, Sr.

Head Coach: Pete Hoffman
Years at School: 16th year
Last Year: Finished 2nd in the GCC

Players to Watch:
Eve Chester, Singles, Jr.
Makayla Muchowski, Singles/Dubles, Jr.
Hailey Kindall, Doubles, Jr.

Head Coach: Eddie Manuel
Years at School: 12th year
Last Year: Finished 4th in the GCC

Players to Watch:
Payton Sikora, Jr.
Gia Paglio, Sr.
Ana Paglio, So.

Head Coach: Fredrik Nyborg
Years at School: 4th year
Last Year: Finished 1st in the GCC

Players to Watch:
Niya Fried, 1st Singles, Jr.
Phoebe Shi, 2nd Singles, Jr.
Lindsay Lebowitz, 3rd Singles, Jr.

Head Coach: Sean Black
Years at School: 3rd year
Last Year: Finished 5th in the GCC

Players to Watch:
Amelia Matousek, Sr.
Bhavya Anoop, Jr.
Raina Sinha, Jr.

Good Luck to all athletes, coaches, and teams this season! #GCCNATION