2022 Greater Cleveland Conference Boys Tennis Preview

The Greater Cleveland Conference would like to highlight and recognize athletes for the upcoming spring sports season. See below for a list of players to watch this tennis season!


Head Coach: Mark Merchant
Years at School:
3rd year

Players to Watch:
Ian Koeth, Senior
Christian Droz, Junior
Ethan Oberg, Junior


Does not field a Boys Tennis team for the 2022 spring season.


Head Coach: Alison Snook
Years at School:
15th year

Players to Watch:
Emerson Kaczmarek, Singles, Senior
Clay Dyer, Doubles, Senior
Owen Alber, Singles, Sophomore


Head Coach: Ron Wood
Years at School:
23rd year

Players to Watch:
Elliot Miller, Singles, Senior
Sam Lynch, Singles, Senior
Colin McCann, Doubles/Singles, Senior


Head Coach: Fredrik Nyborg
Years at School:
4th year

Players to Watch:
Nikolay Romanov, 1st Singles, Junior
Eric Liao, 2nd Singles, Senior
Scott Zhao, 3rd Singles, Senior


Head Coach: Don Boynar
Years at School:
13th year

Players to Watch:
Rahul Sanghvi, Singles, Sophomore
Aryan Parikh, Singles, Senior
Michael Ventura, Doubles, Senior


Good Luck to all athletes, coaches, and teams this season! #GCCNATION