2021 Greater Cleveland Conference Baseball Preview

The Greater Cleveland Conference would like to highlight and recognize athletes for the upcoming spring sports season. See below for a list of players to watch this baseball season!


Head Coach: Grant Relic
Years at School: 5th year

Players to Watch:
Josh Kross, Catcher, Senior
Jake Scherette, Shortstop and Pitcher, Senior
Jacob Dye, Outfielder and 2B, Senior
Andrew Haber, Pitcher, Senior


Head Coach: Ed Piazza
Years at School: 10th year

Players to Watch:
Stephen Larkins, Center Fielder, Senior
Nick Schuster, Pitcher and 1B, Junior
Ryan Kowalski, Pitcher, Junior


Head Coach: Joe Zeffer
Years at School: 3rd year

Players to Watch:
Ty Howard, Center Fielder and Pitcher, Junior
Mo Haynes, 1B and DH, Senior
Nate McClure, Catcher and Pitcher, Sophomore


Head Coach: Nick Kaplack
Years at School:
15th year

Players to Watch:
Jake Johnson, Pitcher and Shortstop, Senior
Michael Kermes, 2B, Senior
Josh Bobey, Outfielder, Senior


Head Coach: Jeff Haase
Years at School:
7th year

Players to Watch:
Eric Coode, Catcher, Senior
Cael Gray, Shortstop, Senior
Noah Gladish, Center Fielder, Senior


Head Coach: Damien Kopkas
Years at School:
12th year

Players to Watch:
Ryan Funderburg, Pitcher and Shortstop, Senior
Patrick McQuaide, Pitcher, Outfielder and 1B, Senior
Sam Patriarco, Pitcher and 3B, Senior


Head Coach: Doug Cicerchi
Years at School:
8th year

Players to Watch:
Mitchel Szymczak, Catcher, Junior
Gus Gregory, Shortstop, Junior
Zach Gaspar, Pitcher and Outfielder, Senior


Good Luck to all athletes, coaches, and teams this season! #GCCNATION